School Visit Opportunities

My Budapest, Hungary plans to visit mathematics classrooms continue to come together. Below is a list of the schools (without the details) I have been invited to view.  What an amazing privilege!

1. ___Gimnázium: You will be teaching your own lessons to the students in the bilingual program of this school, where they learn mathematics in English.


2. _ Primary and Secondary School: : This school has the strongest mathematics immersion program in Hungary.


3._Gimnázium: A traditional high school where you can observe the Pósa method in a school setting.


4._School: A bilingual secondary school for students specializing in Chemistry, Environment and IT.


5. _Alternative Secondary School of Economics (__Gimnázium): This school puts great emphasis on students’ individual growth and freedom, and uses teaching methods such as cooperative learning and differentiated instruction in order to reach these aims.


6.___School : This is an alternative primary school for grade 1- 6 students. It is a student centered school, whose aim is to maintain students’ inner force and educate students to be self-directed and autonomous.


7._Vocational Secondary School (__Líceum): This school is specifically designed for students who have had difficulties in mainstream schools due to emotional issues or learning disabilities.

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