Organizing My Time

I spent the day figuring out all the promises I made to visit classrooms in Hungary and as part of the process  I realized that a Mathematics Education Department Chair, Odon Vancso agreed to help me find additional schools to visit.  He is at Eotvos Lorand University and his colleague Andras Ambrus is allowing me to use his office for a time while in Budapest.

I also realized that after the first scheduled conference in Baltonfured, September 10-15, my arrangements to stay at an airbnb in Budapest, almost three hours away, was going to result in me sleeping in the streets while attending the Polya conference. Luckily, now I have arrangements to stay at the same Hotel Annabella for two more nights. One less move, even if it is pretty expensive.

I leave for “The Mathematics Education for Future Project, Fourteenth International Conference, Challenges in Mathematics Education for the Next Decade” on September 8 and the first conference ends on September 14.

The second conference, specifically about Polya is in the same town, Balatonfured, Hungary, but three hours from Budapest, so I will at least stay in the same community , instead of traveling for 3 hours back and forth to Budapest for two days.  I am glad I figured that out before it was too late.

Once the second conference is over, I will be working with Agnes Tuska and Reka Szasz to shadow the Budapest Semester in Education (BSME) students in their classes, and in the school visits between September 18 and September 29.  I hope to do a little bit of touring during this interval too.  My Friend Banna Rubinow just came back from Budapest, so will have some recommendations for me.

In the time interval between October 4 to 10 I will visit Hailey Ihlow, Brad Wray and Lori Nash in Denmark.  That trip might be the extent of my tourist behaviors. When I return I will be attending a Distinguished Teacher math conference at the BSME for two days. This is another opportunity to meet other faculty from the United States interested in problem solving and improving mathematics education.  I have high expectations for continued work with this group of faculty.

Between October 15 and October 31 Odon Vancso has planned some school visits for me too.  I plan to take some time off to write and plan for a semester abroad  in Budapest for students in the future. My work in Budapest is important as I revamp my modules in the Mathematics for Diverse Learners Course I taught back in 2006.

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